Finding your own path

Maybe you just started your spiritual journey or maybe you've been on the path for many years. Who ever you are and for whatever reason you are here - welcome to your own adventure!

My own spiritual seeking started at a very young age. I remember reading a Buddhist book in my early teens and being filled up with a sense of wonder, relief, hope and joy. This is it! Then I forgot and other things interested me more. But every now and then I remembered, or got reminded. Like that time I was trekking in India. Or that moment I saw my friends sleeping on a bed in the afternoon. Small glimpses of something else, something beyond. A relief.

Then my life got really difficult and because of that I found yoga. Yoga showed me my way back into my body and a way to heal through relaxation. Then I remembered Buddhism and found my way back there as well. But it is no final destination on your spiritual path, it constantly changes. I started to practice Buddhism in Triratna Buddhist Order, and it was just what I needed at that time. I am truly grateful for those ten years. But then I needed to leave that context and find other teachers and contexts to practice. And that's how it is. Same with yoga. 

I have come to see more and more that we need to trust our own path. If you listen carefully you will be shown what the next step is and where you need to go.

At the moment I am inspired by Tibetan Buddhism, Embodied flow, Adyashanti, Maura O'Halloran, Pema Chödron, Shantideva, many more teachers and by practicing together with friends. I aspire to use this precious life to grow up as much as I can for all living beings.


2013-2014                                  200h Hatha yoga teacher traning, BodhiYoga International, Valencia

2015                                           50h Sequencing and methodology, Hamsa Yoga, Köpenhamn

2015                                           40h Workshop Trauma Sensitive Yoga, David Emerson Boston Traumacenter

2016-2017                                 300 h Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Bodhi yoga International, Valencia 

2017 - 2018                               300h Trauma Center Trauma Yoga Factilitator Certification Program, Boston Trauma Center

2019                                          40h NÄRA Vidareutbildning för yogalärare med Anja Bergh

2019                                          30h Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Melanie Cooper & Jennie Wadsten

2020                                          ONGOING - 50h Embodied Yin Teacher training with Satu Tuomela



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